If you view a lot of links, news stories, and posts every day, chances are you’ve discovered the wonders of Pocket, which helps you keep track and save those that matter to you. But they want to be more than just a saver of links and that is why they have been working on improving a feature that they recently launched called Recommendations. After gathering enough feedback from beta users, they now have come back with an update to improve what you see on your feed.

Once you’ve updated your app, you need to set up your new recommended feed. You can connect it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can see which of your friends or the people you follow are already on Pocket and you can follow them there too (well, if you want to). Pocket will also make suggestions as to who you should follow, and this is based on the stuff that you’ve been saving and reading and watching through Pocket previously.

You can also be on the other end of the Recommendation feed. You can recommend stuff you find interesting, whether it’s an article, list, or video that you think people will like. You can also highlight certain texts in the article and put in your own insight or opinion before tapping the recommend button. Everything you recommend will show up in your Pocket profile, so if you want to maintain a “reputation” and get other people to follow you, then be careful what you recommend of course.

Unlike other social media or news apps, your recommendation feed will not be arranged chronologically but it is ordered and personalized for you, based on your past Pocket history. You can check if the update has rolled out to your Android app already. And if you don’t have the app yet, get it for free on the Google Play Store because you’re missing out.


SOURCE: Pocket