We’ve talked about the PLEX app a couple of times here before, and if you haven’t heard of this great media player suite before, we promise you – you could do worse. PLEX is one of the more solid server-caster-player apps out there, whether you just like to keep your media library in a nice order, or if you’re looking for an easy way to cast your content to either mobile or TV. The developers just came out with a new update, promising fixes and interface tweaks.

PLEX version 4.2 has with it a number of interface updates. First up, we have a new “Discover” mode, for people with really huge media libraries, which is a cool way to find out that you have content which you didn’t think you had. Another update is that the ‘Video’, ‘Experience’ and ‘Account’ preference categories are now saved separately for each user, which is vital for homes with multi-user PLEX accounts.


Among the fixes for this version is a number of server side fixes – a memory leak fix, and more efficiency in the communication between server and player. A number of crash incidents have been reported before this and it looks like the devs have fixed the cause of those as well. One of the more obvious changes will be the change of thumbnail images to square ones, to be uniform with other media clients.

Look out for this update to roll out to your mobile or tablet soon. Also look out for the update notification when running your PLEX media server software. If you want to try the app out, pick it up at the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Plex Forums