Plex just got better, and in the right way too, with this new update. Holler a big welcome to Plex News, which generally means that with all the media content available to you via Plex, you can actually rely on the app for your news content as well. Isn’t that just great?

Plex’s recent acquisition of Watchup has resulted in Plex News. Watchup was then a company that specialized in getting artificial intelligence to sort out news items for users. Now this is what Plex News exactly is. First up, it has news items from all the correct and reputable sources. Then as you use Plex News, the embedded AI learns what you like and can curate your news items better.

The new feature will be rolling out in an update to most of Plex’s supported platforms including Android mobile and Android TV. The feature is ad supported, so that means two things – 1) expect ads, and 2) it will come at no additional cost to you.

The update should arrive to you via OTA soon, so keep watch on your notifications. It should be a relatively hefty update as well, so make sure you’re connected to wifi before updating.



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