This week has been all about the three’s. That being the E3 gaming convention, and the Galaxy S III. Today however Sony has just confirmed that their popular Playstation Suite of games will be from here out known as Playstation Mobile, and the first non-Sony brand to get access will be HTC. We’ve mentioned this in the past but Sony has just confirmed the details.

We’ve reported that Sony was looking to branch out their licensing options for Playstation certified games to other Android devices, as well as the Playstation SDK but things are now finally on track. Sony’s released a few tablets with their suite of games, and now it’s time for the rest of Android to enjoy it too.

Starting with the HTC One series, particularly the HTC One X. Sony will be allowing the HTC devices to download exclusive Playstation games, even first generation Playstation 1 titles and more. According to the details more OEM’s will be allowed the same access, but for now they are starting with HTC.

This means NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, and Qualcomm’s GameCommand will soon have to compete with Playstation Mobile in the gaming space. Head to for more details.

[via SlashGear]