Got a Snapdragon processor and a penchant for mobile gaming? Then you’ll want to check the Android Market on January 10th, just as the Consumer Electronics Show gets in to full swing at Las Vegas. The Qualcomm-backed GamesCommand store will feature games specifically designed and enhanced for the company’s Snapdragon family of SoC’s. Over 100 games will be launched on the service initially.

The Snapdragon processor has been an Android staple ever since the original Nexus One, and HTC has used it in major releases like the HTC EVO, DROID Incredible and Thunderbolt. Nvidia’s Tegra and Texas Instruments’ OMAP series of ARM-based systems have become more popular as of lat,e even on HTC phones and tablets, so Qualcomm is looking to drum up some more interest in its own products. To that end, the GamesCommand store is a lot like Nvidia’s Tegra Zone.

GamesCommand will feature many of the same games you can buy in the regular Android Market, but also several exclusive enhanced titles, including Fight Game Heroes, Bunny Maze 3D and Desert Winds. Fight Game Heroes might be of particular interest to fans of mixed martial arts, as it pits real fighters like UFC combatant Alistair “The Reem” Overeem. The initial GamesCommand release will be available in North America initially, with a worldwide release later. Qualcomm will be on hand at CES to show off its soft wares.