Last month at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony showed us a glimpse of its Playstation App for Android and iOS. Now we’re getting more details on the mobile app straight from the horse’s mouth: Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida.

You could probably consider the Playstation App to focus on two primary features, both revolving around the soon to be released Playstation 4, of course. The first use case is probably more obvious: an extension of your Playstation Network experience. From the app, users can keep connected with their friends and their profiles even when they’re away from their consoles. Aside from the usual viewing of profiles, activities, and trophies, the app will also notify users of multiplayer game invitations. One can even buy a PS4 game from within the app and have it automatically start downloading on the console.

The other use for the app is probably a little bit more interesting. Here, the Playstation App can act as a second screen from titles that build that feature into their games. During TGS, Yoshida demonostrated this with the augmented reality system PLAYROOM. Other game and app developers can also take advantage of the feature, turning smartphones and tablets into drawing pads, additional controllers, or secondary information displays.

Sony hasn’t released much information yet regarding the app’s exact features or any SDK for adding support in games, though we’ll probably hear more from them soon as the Playstation 4 launch date nears. Expect the Playstation App to come to Android and iOS for free when that time comes.

SOURCE: Playstation Blog


  1. that the hardware is solid enough for high end gaming..bring back the phone that can play playstation games…PLEASE!!!


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