Sony has pushed out a massive system update for the PlayStation 4 but it’s also throwing in something for its Android app as well. Those among the Android faithful who also have a PS4 at home will now be able to receive push notifications, send friend requests, and even use one their phone’s photos for their PSN profile.

It’s been almost half a year since the PlayStation Android app was released, heralding the release of the PS4 console itself. The app acted as the mobile and social extension of a gamer’s PlayStation experience, allowing owners to buy games directly from their mobile devices, keep in touch with their PSN friends, and even act as a second screen for some games. This latest update strengthens that mobile integration even more, this time giving a bit more emphasis to the things you usually do with a smartphone.

The PS Android app can now be configured to receive push notifications when and where they arrive, from friend requests, PS4 game updates, and even game invitations. Users will now also be able to receive as well as send Friend Requests directly via SMS or email. And now, setting up your PSN profile has been made even easier since it now allows users to directly upload photos taken from their smartphone’s gallery. It wouldn’t be unsurprising to see a flood of selfies soon.

The update for Sony’s PlayStation Android app has already been pushed to Google Play Store and should already be rolling out to users. The system update for the PS4 as well as one for PS Vita should also now be available.

Download: PlayStation App on Google Play Store