The Samsung PlayGalaxy Link app is getting an update. The mobile app is finally receiving Android 10 support which means a smoother and more seamless gameplay experience. The app is not on its stable stageyet but it’s getting closer. With the added Android 10 support, this means the latest Galaxy phones like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 can freely work with the PlayGalaxy Link. The game streaming app’s latest update adds support for Android 10. Streaming for a Windows 10 PC to an Android 10-powered Samsung Galaxy phone is made easier now.

Note that the PlayGalaxy Link app can be likened to the Steam Link where one can enjoy games from a Steam library right on an Android device. What is good about the PlayGalaxy Link system is that it can stream games over mobile data and not just WiFi.

PlayGalaxy Link does not require a PC or smartphone to be connected to the same network so it can be more convenient. If you live outside, you may not be able to use the streaming app yet but you can try the Parsec app to see.

The updated PlayGalaxy Link app on the Galaxy Store is now ready for download. Try updating the PlayGalaxy Link app on Windows. A special notification should show up on the PC or phone, telling you if the app can be upgraded to the latest version.

You may want to view the demo of the PlayGalaxy Link app with the Galaxy Note 10. See how the gaming platform works and device if it is for you. This may rival the Google Stadia that is rolling out next week. Let’s wait and see.