Google Pixel Pass Launch

The Pixel Pass is also here. Google has already revealed the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The Android 12 is officially out and ready for Pixel 3 phones and above. More Google products and services have been announced as well. As for the Pixel Pass, it is one service that delivers the best from Google to the Pixel phone. This includes important mobile services, device upgrades, and device protection. It is a special subscription plan for the Pixel 6 series.

Prices for the two are different. Pixel Pass for the Pixel 6 Pro is $55 while it’s $45 for the Pixel 6. Pixel Pass brings the best of Google Services like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google One with 200 GB cloud storage, Preferred Care coverage, and Google Play Pass.

YouTube Premium is ideal for those who want to watch YouTube ad-free. It can also be used for playing audio in the background even when using other apps. YouTube Music Premium also offers ad-free and uninterrupted listening.

If a reliable cloud service is what you need, there is the Google One with 200GB storage. It offers automatic phone backup and saving of photos and videos in full resolution. It also offers Google Store discounts.

If you wish to play games with free in-app purchases and free of ads, there is the Google Play Pass. Preferred Care coverage is also include for hassle-free device repairs.

You can subscribe to Pixel Pass on the Google Store. You can also subscribe through Google Fi with a phone plan for more savings. With Pixel Pass, you can save as much as $414 for two years. If you get a Pixel 6 phone today, you can take advantage of the $45/month fee on Google Fi or Google Store.