Change is constant and when it comes to Google, that’s quite common. The tech giant is always improving its many products and services, changing search algorithms, rebranding, discontinuing features, and rolling out software updates. Almost every week, we learn of new things Google and Android developers are coming up.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated change these days is the company doing away with the Nexus name and replacing its flagship line with the Pixel. We’re not really sure why it should be changed but we’ve been saying it could be just to streamline its products. We know two new Nexus phones will be unveiled soon but instead of the Sailfish and the Marlin, they will be known as the Pixel and Pixel XL. The two will join the Pixel C as one of Google’s flagship devices.

Because of this move, we also noted that the Nexus Launcher may be known as Pixel Launcher. That’s another change we’re looking forward to finally seeing in Android Nougat. When the two Pixels are announced, they are believed to roll out with the Android 7.1 updated with the Pixel Launcher. Nothing much to say about the new app launcher but we know it will have a clean and more fluid user interface.

Another big change the Pixel Launcher is expected to bring is the look of the icons. Instead of the squarish icons, the Pixel Launcher will have rounded icons, as well as, pressure-sensitive shortcuts. Apps are simply redesigned to fit a circle. As for the launcher shortcuts, they may be accessed with the pressure sensitive displays but we’re not yet sure. Let’s wait and see for the official announcement.

VIA: Android Police