Pixel 6

The market is still not done with hearing about the issues with the Pixel 6. Several unfortunate reports have surfaced including the latest one–cracked screens. There’s also the connectivity issue, compromised accounts, random signal loss, and the phone not charging with low-quality USB-C cables and chargers. We also learned about its incompatibility with the DJI Fly app that left users furious. Of course, we won’t forget the fingerprint reader issue that first came up. Google is making an important move that will hopefully fix the bugs and improve on the system.

Some issues started after the December Android update was released. Google has acknowledged the bug and is now making a move. Specifically, Pixel 6 running on Android 12 (Android S) build SQ1D.211205.016.A, may be affected. Check your build number under Settings-> About Phone-> Build Number.

Google is now disabling the ‘Hold for me/Call Screening’ feature. This is only for the Pixel 6 users so you won’t be able to use the feature for a while.

Google said its developers are working to fix the problem. The issues are expected to be resolved soon. Related updates will be posted once available. If you own a Pixel 6, you may want to subscribe to the community to receive updates directly on your email.


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