The Pixel 3 has been frequent in the news recently because the series will soon be overshadowed by the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Its Android Q beta update was just released from Google Play Store and new Avengers Playmoji stickers are rolling out in time for the movie. The phone is said to be sold by T-Mobile soon after the flashing on the ambient display finally got a fix. The device is now offered with a $200 discount on the Google Store which could mean a new model is about to launch.

Google is revealing the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL but we know it’s not forgetting the Pixel 3 line. More updates will be ready like this Photobooth feature. Taking advantage of the phone’s AI capabilities, the smartphone allows the user to take group selfies without having to click on the shutter.

Here comes Photobooth offering automatic photography functions with Google Clips and the Pixel 3 Camera app. An update brings the app that will let you use Photobooth mode. What happens is the camera knows when your hand is steady before it will take a picture. It checks the subjects for further steadiness or if their eyes are open or have good expressions.

Pixel Camera also adds kiss detection to Photobooth. It knows if you have kissed a loved one before it can capture the moment. This update can be liked to the Portrait and Top Shot added earlier. Such features are important because they allow any Pixel phone user to take the best shots all the time.

The selfie camera of the Pixel device is mainly optimized for the Photobooth feature. Google’s AI system has been developed to understand good content, classify expressions thru a neural network, and evaluate the quality of each frame among others.

Machine learning (ML) helps a lot in this area. There are ML algorithms that “see and capture” expressions of a face on the screen. Simply put, there is a lot of “automatic photography” being done here.

Artificial intelligence is more than just machine learning but AI is definitely in the right direction. We’re looking forward to testing out further advancements and new technologies.