If you’ve been thinking about getting Google Clips, the hands-free camera from the tech giant, but you’re not yet convinced that you actually need it, the latest improved functionality may push you to get one. Well, if what you want from a camera is that it has good machine learning capabilities, then that should be it. The update also includes the ability to let you connect the camera to more than one device if other family members also want access to your Clips.

The joy of Clips is that it uses artificial intelligence to know which moments to capture. But now it even has better functionality in recognizing hugs, kisses, jumps, and dance moves from the moment you turn it on and place it in a good vantage point. How they were able to do it is by creating a dataset of thousands of videos, getting photographers and video editors to analyze them. They also split the videos into shorter segments and then asked human raters to select which moments are better. The human aspect and the data scores all add up to better moment recognition for the camera.

Since Clips is marketed as a family device, chances are more than one member of the family would want to connect to the camera. Now you get family pairing so it will be able to connect to more than one smartphone or whoever it is that you want to have access to the photos and videos. They will be able to view and share all the content that your Clips has taken.

The update to the Clips app will start rolling out this week. And if you don’t have Google Clips yet, you can get it for $199 or $50 off for their Mother’s Day promotion (regular SRP is $249).

SOURCE: Google