Wearable tech seems to be the next big technology trend, with anyone and everyone coming up with their own twist on smartwatches, smartglasses, and even trench coats. One company by the name of Pivothead is now trying to push its Pivothead SMART glasses into the consciousness of developers and early adopters through an Indiegogo capaign.

Pivothead SMART is. to some extent, geekier than Google Glass but is, at the same time, more limited and a bit more focused. Google Glass can be practically thought of implementing a two-way model, not only taking in data from surroundings but also projecting visual information on its HUD or Heads Up Display. In contrast, Pivothead SMART practically acts as a camera. In fact, its HUD is limited to notifications and indicators represented by dots of light on the glass’ frame.

What Pivothead’s product has over Glass, however, is its extensibility. The ends of the Pivothead SMART are actually interchangeable pieces called Mods, each of which brings its own type of functionality via hardware features. The Air Mod, for example, contains your usual wireless connectivity hardware like NFC, Bluetooth, etc. Another, called the Live Mod, is more focused for streaming live video from the glass to other devices. This opens up the hardware to many uses such as live recording and streaming, item identification, photographic or cinematic recording and effects. The campaign pitch video below shows the various uses possible with the device.

Pivothead launched its Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign last month, offering a discounted price of $229 for a single unit, with additional options for mods. So far, the company has managed to go slightly beyond its funding goal of $100,000, raising $104,000 with two days to spare.

SOURCE: Pivothead, Indiegogo