When we said that wearables are probably the next wave of smart devices, we didn’t exactly imagine some people would take it quite literally. The folks over at Motiif definitely think so and its new “M” smart trench coat is its answer to two of the most common problems that plague mobile devices today: power and connectivity. And it does so with a certain flair for fashion.

Motiif describes itself as a wearable technology company and it seems that unlike other companies that make smart devices wearable, it makes wearables smart. Its first product, the trench coat with a rather ominous name of “M”, has a two-fold purpose. The first is to keep your smartphone powered while hiding in your pocket. The second is to provide an Internet connection for your smartphone or other devices.

When a smartphone needs an extra dosage of power, all the user needs to do is to slide the device into the coat’s breast pocket, which houses a charging dock that Motiif promises to be fairly unnoticeable. The coat can charge smartphones up to three times before it needs charging itself, which is done by hanging it on a special hanger with a built-in wireless charging pad. As of the moment, only the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4, as well as the iPhone 4 and 5s, are known to be compatible, which leaves out a whole lot of other power-hungry smartphones. And nevermind trying to put a tablet in there either.

Internet connectivity is provided via Karma’s pay-as-you go offering, which provides 1 GB of data per month, free for the first three months. Afterwards, subscribers will be charged $14 per GB of data, which is delivered at speeds reaching 3 to 6 Mbps, with 1.5 Mbps on uplink. The Motiif M smart trench coat, which, by the way, is also waterproof, is currently still in alpha testing stage with no estimate on either availability date or price.

VIA: SlashGear