Earlier today, we told you that Isis Mobile Wallet had launched in Salt Lake City and Austin with 9 supported devices on 3 different carriers. That’s big news, but not one to be outdone, Google has started teasing an announcement of its own. It seems that Google Wallet is about to get an all new version, and with it, Google is looking to tackle all sorts of other markets.

A teaser page has gone live at wallet.google.com asking users what kind of device they use. The options are Android, iOS, and “Other,” which seems to indicate that not only will this new version be coming to iOS, but also possibility to others like BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8. Once you click your device of choice, you’re taken to a page that states you’ll be getting an invite to the new Google Wallet sent to your Gmail inbox once the service is ready.

Other than that, we’ve got nothing. The details are painfully slim, but it’s obvious that Google is planning something pretty big. It looks like the Isis launch was just what Google needed to roll out a brand new version of Google Wallet, which is intriguing to say the least.

Indeed, the fact that Google waited until today to have this teaser page go live shows that the big G has no problem snatching away Isis’ thunder. The competition between these two is just what NFC mobile payments need in order to catch on with mainstream consumers, if you ask us. We look forward to seeing not only what Isis brings to the table, but what Google has planned as a response. Stay tuned, because things just got interesting.

[via Android Police]