While some studies have already said that taking a lot of “self portraits” may be connected to a psychological disorder like body dimorphic disorder or narcissism, we have to accept the fact that the selfie is still alive and kicking. If rumours are to be believed, Japanese OEM Sony is said to be announcing Xperia C3 that will be “selfie oriented” and several leaked photos are purportedly supporting this news.

Sony will be launching the Xperia Z2a in Taiwan on Tuesday, July 8, and it is rumoured that they will also be making the big announcement about this new gadget. Some leaked photos are reportedly the very first pictures shown of the “selfie” special phone. There’s a sticker with the name Gina on the front, so it’s either the name of the person who owns the phone (who may be a selfie addict) or it’s the code name for the device. (which is a bit far from the previous codenames Aries, Leo and Pegasus)

The photo shows what may be a LED flash for its front camera, which is an essential for any phone that will be marketing itself to the selfie crowd. But other than that, there is not much information leaked about the selfie-centric device. Sony is not the first brand to try to appeal to consumers who love to take photos of themselves or with their friends, wherever they may be. The N1 smartphone from OPPO has a 13MP main camera which can be rotated to face the other side, the perfect angle for the selfie takers. Another Chinese brand, Meitu, had 13MP lenses for both their main and front facing cameras in their Meitu 2 smartphone.

While people would probably not buy a smartphone for the sake of its selfie capability (at least we hope not), if the rumored phone is reasonably priced, then maybe it can be under consideration as a second phone for this selfie crowd. We only have one more day to find out whether this is a sign that camera phones are about to be revolutionised or rather, selfie-fied.

SOURCE: Esato, ePrice
VIA: G for Games