If you are still having a hard time taking that perfect selfie shot, then Meitu’s Meitu 2 might just help solve your problem. This latest smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer not only has a 13 megapixel camera at the back, it even puts another one at the front.

This front-facing camera will probably the selling point of this smartphone, but also probably the most ridiculed feature. Let’s face it, that high megapixel count will, more often than not, be employed for selfies. One can always justify it for video chats, but current protocols can only accommodate so much without chocking the bandwidth. So yes, selfies it is. But at least the cameras are quite decent, employing Fujitsu’s image processor to do the heavy lifting.


The rest of the Meitu 2 isn’t actually that bad, being a mix of good and bad. It only supports 720p resolutions at 1280×720 pixels but given the handy 4.7-inch screen size, you get a rather high 312 ppi count. RAM is quite sufficient at 2 GB, but the 1.7 GHz octa-core MediaTek chip has yet to be tested in the wild. You have your variety of wireless connections but, unfortunately, no LTE yet. All in all, the Meitu 2 is a rather balanced smartphone, though it would be hard to differentiate it from other Chinese devices now in the market if not for the front camera gimmick.

The Meitu Meitu 2 is, however, not your typical Chinese smartphone when it comes to pricing. The 16 GB model comes with a price tag of 2,199 RMB, roughly $352, while the 32 GB variant will cost you $384. The smartphone is available for purchase now in China, in Moonlight White and Red Glare colors, though international availability is still unknown.

SOURCE: Meitu (1), (2)