You know you are a geek when you peruse Google+ and other photo sites for EXIF data that points out photos shot with smartphones that aren’t yet released. It’s ok though, we get your need to see all the info you can get on unreleased gear. In fact, here is a shot for you that has surfaced that according to the EXIF data was taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera.

AndroidNext spotted the images taken by Roman Kirillov and Chris Yerga. The screen shot above shows EXIF data for one, and then one of the photos taken is below. It’s interesting that the subject of the photo is a tribute wall of messages left since Steve Jobs has passed. The Galaxy Nexus is a competitor to the iPhone 4S that was launched shortly before Steve passed away. The catch to the photo is that since Google+ resizes the photos to 3MP the real resolution can’t be viewed.

The Galaxy Nexus was expected to launch this week and then that was scrapped at the last minute. The latest word is that the phone will surface on November 3. Alongside the unveil of the phone will be the unveil of Ice Cream Sandwich for smartphones. We will have to wait and see if this latest rumor is correct.

[via SlashGear]