Google Emergency Number

Google has always been interested in helping many people respond to emergencies. In the US and other countries, dialing 911 has proven to be helpful. Teams are expected to quickly respond to cries for help. Over the past decade, ways of asking for help during emergencies have evolved as technology changes. We remember that Text-to-911 emergency services that launched in 2014 and the Emergency Red Cross app. Google has also released the Trusted Contacts app one time to let people share location during an emergency.

In recent years, Google has also updated the Phone Dialer app with emergency location info. The tech giant has also expanded Emergency Location Service around the US. This time around, Google is introducing another related improvement to the Pixel devices and select Android phones.

Since some people cannot always verbally start a conversation during an emergency call with an operation, Google has set a new feature that will let you share the necessary info even without talking. You can share what kind of assistance you need and your location even when you can’t talk.

How exactly? The default Phone app on Pixel phones and select Android devices will receive a number of changes. During a call, you can choose and just tap on the ‘Medical’, ‘Fire’, or ‘Police’ buttons. Doing so will let the operator know the kind of help you need. The emergency services will keep the information. Even when you don’t have a data connection, the service will have an idea about your needs.

The operator will know your location because of the phone’s GPS. Information is shared as soon as the 911 call is made. Even the automated voice service, it also shares your location to the emergency service provider.

Google will be rolling out the feature to Pixel phones first in the US. Other Android phones will also receive the same update in the near future.


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