Peter Alfonso, respected AOSP developer, just tweeted that he will “start uploading builds as soon as [his] downloads page reaches 100 ‘+1’s’.” Right now he is at 71 – only 29 to go! My guess is he will be pushing out 4.0.3 nighties by the end of the night.

So lets get the word out! Peter Alfonso became most popular from his OG DROID development– it was hard to top his work. His 4.0.3 builds will most likely be hitting Nexus devices first, but we’ll find soon for sure. His website actually offers a 4.0.3 build for the Toro – aka Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

It would be a very welcomed ROM in the Galaxy Nexus forums, as only one other Verizon Galaxy Nexus ROM is currently available ( Android Revolution HD 2.1.1). ARHD is built very well, but without much to compare it to, we don’t know the true potential of the Galaxy Nexus. I’m downloading his build now and will give it a quick flash. Join me over in the forums later for with questions you may have!

[via Reddit]