We should be used to seeing our devices torn apart by the iFixIt crew. After all, we have seen the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and countless other devices torn apart and opened up. This latest however comes a little bit different. The latest is for the Pebble smartwatch and differs in that the watch ends up being destroyed.

In fact, step 14 of the tear down notes that getting into the watch is a feat they have not yet mastered. This of course goes back to the Pebble being securely sealed to avoid any potential issues with water. The tear down goes on to note that it is “impossible to open the device without destroying it or at least compromising its waterproofing, making internal repairs infeasible.” Our take, good for everyday use, not so good for those with a Pebble in need of repair.

The iFixIt Pebble tear down does end with a few interesting points, one being that the battery is not replaceable — at all. Basically, once the battery finally dies and will no longer hold a charge, your Pebble will need to be recycled. One good point here, the iFixIt team estimates that these batteries should be able to provide somewhere between 6-10 years of life. In other words, if you are still wearing the Pebble by the time the battery finally goes, you will likely be wearing a piece of retro technology.

Otherwise, the Pebble tear down starts with the top being pulled off and the screen being busted and goes on to show all the internals such as the ribbon cable, backlight guide panel, motherboard and the Fullriver 3.7 volt, 130 mAh battery. On the flip side, those who are not as into seeing devices being torn apart, especially in a case of the Pebble where we suspect many are still anxiously awaiting delivery — make sure you check out our previous coverage which included some hands-on time.

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