The Pebble smartwatch had a rather successful run on Kickstarter. Those watches then arrived for direct sales from Pebble and with big box retailer Best Buy. And moving forward, it looks like the Pebble will soon be available with AT&T. In fact, AT&T has announced they will be the “exclusive carrier” for the Pebble. The watch will be available beginning this weekend.

According to details coming from AT&T, the Pebble will be available online and with roughly 500 retail locations on September 27th. After this initial launch, “broader” in-store availability was promised for October. A specific date has yet to be announced for October, however the price should be familiar for those who had already been considering a purchase.

AT&T will have the Pebble available for $150 and they are touting it as a device that can extend the control of your smartphone and for the active lifestyle. There hasn’t been any word of colors, however regardless of the color — the watch will bring the same in terms of features.

The Pebble has a rechargeable battery that is said to be able to last up to 5-7 days and is water-resistant. In a simple form, the Pebble can run custom watchfaces and it receives alerts for new messages, voice calls and more from your smartphone. Of course, there are additional features and apps that extend the support to offer music playback controls and even to display your current progress on runs.

We have had a Pebble here at Android Community for some time now and it has remained in use. Those looking for some additional Pebble coverage should check the Pebble and/or smartwatch hubs on the site. Plus, we have also had a review and some details on the RunKeeper integration.