A recently launched app will bring Tasker alerts to your Pebble smartwatch. The app is called Pebble Notifier and rather simply, is described as being the “bridge between the Pebble application and Tasker.” Basically, those using the Pebble Notifier app will be able to get a wide variety of additional alerts and messages sent to their wrist.

Of course, while there is great potential here, this does come with the requirement of having a bit of knowledge when it comes to using Tasker. For those unfamiliar with Tasker, this app can do things such as automate a process based on a trigger — launch apps and turn services on or off just to name a few. Tasker is a really powerful app that we often describe as only being limited by your imagination.

The Pebble Notifier app is free and will require the use of the Tasker app (currently priced at $6.49) and the official Pebble app. The Notifier app is currently sitting at version 1.1 and matches the official Pebble app in terms of device support. That is to say, Android 2.3 and higher for use.

Some of the use cases for the Pebble Notifier app include having all of your Tasker notifications sent to your wrist. Diving in a bit further and we actually see some neat use cases. The Pebble is designed to allow the user to keep their smartphone in their pocket and potentially have it in their hands less. But keep in mind, not everything you may need will come to your Pebble. For example, you can use the Pebble Notifier app to send a message when your phone reaches a pre-determined battery level. Those interested can grab the Pebble Notifier from the Google Play Store using this link.