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What’s the latest about Pebble? The company which was recently acquired by Fitbit has been working on the transition and next steps for the users. It’s not the only startup bought by Fitbit as the latter also acquired Pebble Vector. Moving forward, the Pebble team wants to continue on with the service but with significant changes because the group is now owned by another company. We’re expecting the whole Pebble ecosystem will successfully be done with the transition.

Your smartwatch experience on the Pebble doesn’t have to be interrupted. That’s why Pebble and Fitbit have been working hard to continue the early efforts by the smartwatch pioneer. Usually, a Pebble works best with cloud services but with the update, it can finally do away from dependency to a more mature and responsible system.

The stage is set for the major update. This means remaining Pebble users can use their smartwatches continually. From Pebble to Android Wear, the smartwach turns into a new wearable device you can use to share health progress with others. The Pebble watch can now operate normally on its own.

The wearable device can still do many functions even when the servers are down. Simply put, the Pebble app update and transition will make it a stand-alone device.

Other special features of the Pebble app update include Skip Login, reinforced user account tokens, new options for community developers (Offline Mode, Custom Boot Config, Default Mode). Pebble App update is ready for both Android and iOS.

Download Pebble from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Pebble


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