XDA Developers love to tinker with their Android phones and publish their results. And this one is one of my favorites. XDA user “Aph” has taken a cool particle ring animation he found in another thread and has tweeked the CM7 boot animation to make it really smooth. The result is our favorite little robot standing in a ring of plasma energy.

Aph felt that the original CM7 boot animation was too choppy and went out to smooth it out. To do that, he cropped the original image down, then resized it to makeit smoother, and then saved it as a PNG file to avoid compressing it as much as a JPG would. Then, he changed the frames per second from 30 to 24 to smooth out transitions from one frame to the next and give it a more cinematic look. The results are quite sweet.

You’ll have to use Root Explorer, CM7, the latest Gapps and the Savaged-Zen beta kernel. Then just download and copy the zipped files to the /system/media directory. The result is a smooth boot animation that stretches to fill the entire portrait screen. Users who like to install CM ROMs can check it out here.

[via XDA Developers]