So surprise, surprise – it’s been a quite few months now since the return of Paranoid Android on the custom ROM scene, and to those who’ve been waiting for them to pack up and disappear again, they’re still here. In fact, they’re just now releasing their final stable build for Android Nougat to their supported devices.

So Paranoid Android is staying around, and they’re pushing out build version 7.3.1 for all the devices supported by AOSPA. They’ve been at it for a while, updating and fixing AOSPA Nougat so that it becomes more stable and usable. The developers are now pretty confident that version 7.3.1 will be pretty much the most stable version they’re putting out based on Nougat.

With version 7.3.1, there are a number of new features that should be available for all devices. First up, they’ve added an “anti-shake” feature to the Paranoid Camera. Then they’ve fixed the app crash when using the front facing camera. Also, they’ve incorporated patches for the KRACK Attacks vulnerability.

If you’re on Paranoid Android, this update should arrive to you via OTA. If you want to try AOSPA, check out their official download page for supported devices to see if your device has Paranoid Android built for it.

SOURCE: +ParanoidAndroidCorner


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