Last week there was a custom ROM getting plenty of attention for their Facebook Chat Head type feature. Paranoid Android decided to take Chat Heads and turn it into a unified notification system for Android, and put it on steroids. You might love it, or hate it, but this is what makes Android great. Read on for more details about Paranoid Android’s HALO feature.

In case you missed our initial coverage, Paranoid Android teased the upcoming feature and then on Friday we showed you guys the new feature in action. HALO in Paranoid Android unifies all the notifications into one optional chat head, and makes interacting with your Android smartphone completely different than what we’re used to. It’s pretty neat.

The best part here is this works from any application, any notification, and the pop-up HALO (Chat Head) will hover over any application you are in. Seamlessly and quickly reply to multiple messages, check notifications, emails and more all without ever leaving the app you’re in. It’s like multitasking and notifications blend into one, sort of.

Paranoid Android developers have released their initial batch of alpha builds with this feature, so this is no where near a final version. However our tips said it works pretty great so far, and will only get better. Their latest alpha builds for the Galaxy Nexus (Toro included) Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 all have HALO, and more will be coming soon. All of their ROM’s are available for download by clicking here. More details can be found from the via below.

[via +ParanoidAndroid]