Paranoid Android first came available in beta form back in early-June. Since then we have seen some updates and changes, however it appears as if things have just been updated to v2.0. This is being shown as the first public preview of HALO 2.0 and it is arriving with v3.97 of the Paranoid Android ROM. And in addition to the HALO update, PA3.97 also brought some other changes.

First things first though, HALO 2.0. The folks over at Paranoid Android have said there are “tons” of improvements and details with this update. In fact, they go on to mention how there were “too many to list right now.” That aside they did cover some of the HALO 2.0 highlights which include getting the actual notifications. Simply put, HALO 2.0 will now display the actual notification as opposed to plain text.

These notifications also support multitouch which means you can interact with the notifications while still interacting with your current task. As was pointed out, this may require some extra fingers or even an extra hand, but it can be done. Think multitasking with multitouch. While there were some nice additions with this update, the basics remain the same and that means accessing the notification is as simple as tapping the floating window.

Aside from the HALO 2.0 addition, the other changes that can be expected with Paranoid Android v3.97 include the following; a quick settings option to use floating window, an option dealing with MMS to switch on screen automatically and some OTA bug fixes.

Otherwise, this ROM comes with some updates to the Google apps. There is the latest version of the Google+ app as well as v4.3.11 of the Google Play Store. With all that comes the warning — this is an early release and it hasn’t been tested on a wide variety of devices just yet. To that point, it was said that “this is a major shift from the original code-base so screw-ups could happen.”

SOURCE: Google+