The latest Google+ Android app update has been detailed and it looks like quite a few changes can be expected. This update will bring the app to version 4.1 and is said to include a handful of “highly-requested improvements.” That being said, those improvements touch on account and page switching, Google Apps for Business, Google Drive photos and videos, location sharing and Messenger.

Beginning first with Messenger. In this case that will be going away in favor of Hangouts. This one seems simple enough, Google has said now that Hangouts provides messaging and video calling on Android devices, Messenger can be taken out. One catch for those who have messenger conversations they want to save — you will be able to download those (both text and images) using Google Takeout.

This update will also make it easier to switch between accounts and pages. Users will be able to jump back and forth between these accounts and pages using nothing more than a few simple taps. Simply put, you will no longer be required to log out of the first account and have to log in using the other account. The location sharing portion basically means more control. With this users should be able to share location (by pinpoint or city-level) on a circle-by-circle basis. This update also brings the ability to filter who appears on your Locations map.

Next up here is the Google Drive photos and videos portion. This has both of these items being available by way of the Google+ app. Once updated you will be able to view and share these items from the Google+ app and Drive images will also be able to be enhanced using the Google+ Photos features.


The last portion here deals with Google Apps for Business. This has a few different aspects including the ability to share content with your circles and also the ability to quickly see whether someone is part of your Apps domain. With that, the Google+ update will be available by way of the expected location, the Play Store.

SOURCE: Google+