Paranoid Android is one of the many flavors of Android out there that are focused on open devices. Paranoid Android is updated regularly and the last time we talked about it was in mid-August when 4.5 beta 2 landed for fans to try out. Only a few weeks later we have a new beta version that brings Paranoid Android to 4.6 Beta 1.

This version brings the ability to have dynamic system bars colored; the devs say they have been working on that feature for a while and that it is stable enough for a preview. Developers point out that the dynamic system bars aren’t perfect in this version and have issues with performance and battery usage.

Along with the dynamic system bars, this update also adds in a swipe-up gesture to dismiss hover and other changes. Tweaks to get rid of slowness during I/O on the stock kernel for hammerhead are also inside this beta update.

Devs admit this is a small update, but with the last update only a few weeks past, a small update is understandable. If you try out the latest beta version of Paranoid Android, be sure and let us know what you think about the features in comments.

SOURCE: Paranoid Android