Pandora Radio has announced their latest milestone. They have crossed the 200 million mark in terms of registered users. Or perhaps a little closer to the mobile side of the house, Pandora Radio now has more than 140 million listeners that have tuned in on a mobile device. That seems to say something about the simplicity and ease of use that comes with Pandora. Of course, the quality doesn’t hurt either.

Touching back on that 200 million mark. Further details on this show that Pandora had their first user register in the summer of 2005. They then crossed the 100 million user mark in July 2011. In that respect things are looking good, it took from 2005 to 2011 to get 100 million users and then well under 2 years to get the next 100 million.

Some additional Pandora Radio stats include how the service now streams more than 200 million songs before 10am every day, how listeners have given more than 25 billion thumbs and that last month, Pandora streamed more than 100,000 unique artists and more than 1 million unique songs.

Otherwise, while this latest bit of Pandora related news was purely focused on statistics, the Android app was updated not all that long ago. In fact, the last Android app update arrived at the beginning of this month. That update took care of some bugs and also reduced the startup time. It also aded lock screen controls and an elapsed and remaining timestamps for the track progress indicator. So, how many of you are Pandora listeners?

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