I must admit, even though Rdio is pretty awesome I still find myself always running back to Pandora Radio at some point. The popular music streaming service still provides that personalized radio experience we’ve grown accustomed to. So for those Pandora fans, we have some good news. They’ve updated the app and finally added lockscreen music controls.

It’s about time they added this highly requested feature, and has been a long time coming. Today the developers behind Pandora Radio updated the Android app with a slew of fixes, speed enhancements, and of course those lockscreen controls we just mentioned. However, it isn’t all good news because they’ve still managed to miss a few things.

I’m extremely happy to see lockscreen music controls, but with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean bringing so many additional options for a music player it’s just sad to see them not taking advantage. Pandora still cannot use the awesome and extremely useful expanded notifications on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above for music controls. This has become a staple for most updates lately, but they still haven’t done so. Here’s the changelog though:

• Lock screen controls for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and later
• Added elapsed and remaining timestamps to the track progress indicator
• Reduced startup time
• Bug fixes and enhancements

It’s nice they’ve finally added time elapsed and remaining timestamps, and I’m sure many of you will enjoy that. Such a simple feature should have been included two years ago. Then the update claims to reduce the startup time, and we won’t complain about the app getting faster. Now all we need is expandable notification controls and we’ll be happy. So do you guys still use Pandora Radio?

[via Play Store]