Taking thirteen years of experience in gathering users’ music preferences, Pandora has released a new features that will hopefully make it easier for users to discover even more titles outside their usual collections. Pandora has just announced a new personalized recommendation system that it is making immediately available on both Android and iOS.

As with many “smart” music collection services, Pandora’s recommendation system relies on learning from users’ listening preferences. Using data gathered from users’ own habits, Pandora is able to offer up to 6 personalized artist stations at a time. These suggestions will be displayed on their station list and will be updated with new content whenever they create or delete a station. Of course, recommendations will get better and more fine-tuned the more you use Pandora and let it analyze your usage patterns.

Pandora has been utilizing its talent at predicting what users may like to hear and putting it almost everywhere in its services. Earlier this month, Pandora rolled out an update to its Android app that finally brought alarm clock functionality to the platform, allowing users to select their preferred stations as alarm music.

This new recommendations feature should roll out to users over the next few days. Pandora, however, won’t just stop there and plans to improve the recommendation feature, though it doesn’t really disclose in what ways.

SOURCE: Pandora