Pandora for Android has been updated once again. This latest brings a feature we saw added for iOS users about a month earlier — a built-in Alarm Clock. In addition to the alarm clock functionality, Pandora users will also have a sleep timer and some other “small improvements and bug fixes.” The key new feature though, is the alarm clock.

Having said that, the alarm clock setup brings the features one would hope and/or expect to see. These include being able to pick the station that begins playing at the alarm time. Assuming you like what you are hearing, the app also gives the option to continue playing. In addition, the alarm offers snooze functionality and also allows the user to set which days the alarm should be active.

Touching back on the snooze, that can be set for either 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute increments. Otherwise, once snoozed you will see the amount of time as it counts down to the next alert. Lastly in terms of alarm clock features, users can set the volume level for each alarm. Bottom line, if you are a Pandora user and also use your smartphone to wake up each day — this seems like an update you may want to grab.

This update has the app sitting at version 5.1. The previous update, or more accurately — updates, came back towards the end of October. We actually saw a two updates within days. The first brought a proper user interface for Android tablets and the second added support for Chromecast streaming. And while this was just a first update for 2014, the team at Pandora is already teasing more throughout the year.

SOURCE: Pandora, Google Play Store