What we like about OnePlus is the fact that the Chinese OEM strives to sent out software updates regularly. It’s easier for the company to deliver since it only has few models to work on. The OxygenOS 3 version has been released already for the OnePlus X and OnePlus 3. This time, it’s OnePlus 2’s turn to get it. The last one we remember was the OxygenOS 3.0.2 update released last June.

OxygenOS 3.1.0 OTA update is still Marshmallow. Nope, there’s no Nougat yet and we doubt if the nutty mobile OS will be ready this year. The OEM finally rolled out the software that brings a number of things like a media sound toggle for alert slider, enhanced Doze Mode performance, Quadrooter patch, and fixes to the alert slider/silent mode and notification issues. This version also brings the August 1 security patches for Android and some more general bug fixes.

As with any other mobile OS update, release is incremental. Just be patient and wait for the OxygenOS 3.1.0 OTA update to arrive. It should be ready soon for your device anytime soon. This one is very much welcome but some users are still waiting for VoLTE support. It’s a bit disappointing that the update only delivers a few things and no major change like the Voice Over LTE. Others have also asked about the camera image quality fix. Let’s wait for OnePlus to post an official explanation.

SOURCE: OnePlus.net


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