OUYA might be expanding its coverage beyond its tiny living room box, but it is definitely not abandoning it just yet. At GDC 2014, the company will be demoing 12 new titles that will be hitting its Android-based gaming console soon.

One of the games on OUYA’s list is Broken Age, an adventure game written by Tim Schafer who also made adventure hits like Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango. Broken Age is notable in its role in game development history for having ushered in a new wave of games funded solely or mainly via Kickstarter, pitching to the Internet instead of publishers. The first half of the game is already out for desktops and will be making its mobile debut on the OUYA.

Other games include That Dragon, Cancer, whose inspiration, five-year old Joel Green, succumbed to cancer a few days ago, LAZA KNITEZ!!, a four-player local multiplayer game involving futureknights and spacesteeds, Reagan Gorbachev, a side-scrolling beat-em up with a Cold War theme, and many more.

A number of these games, like That Dragon, Cancer, will be making their first public appearance at OUYA’s Booth 316 at GDC this year. The games will, of course, be available on OUYA’s console, though it is yet unknown if and when they will come to future products under OUYA’s newly unveiled OUYA Everywhere initiative.