We heard a bit about the OUYA Everywhere initiative earlier in the week. At the time the details were official, as in they had been mentioned by OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman, however they were serving more as a teaser than anything else. Well, it seems there has been another mention of OUYA Everywhere — this time coming from the company blog.

Sadly the details remain on the lighter side still, and in this case they are coming as a “one more important thing you should know” type of mention. Uhrman touched on how they want to “deliver OUYA to gamers wherever they play — whether or not they bought a box from us.” Further chatter here brings talk of OUYA being the open platform, with this question being asked; Why lock OUYA in a box?

Anyway, this seems to have an official name of OUYA Everywhere and it was said they are “already in discussions with a handful of partners.” No hints as to who those partners may be, or as to what types of products those partners are making. The only other bit of information came with mention of how the OUYA team is “embarking on a new project to embed the OUYA platform into other devices on the market.”

The speculation in terms of devices is wide open and could include everything from other set-top boxes, to televisions, or possibly even a portable game system. Time will tell, but in the meantime, there was firm commitment mentioned about how OUYA will not stop selling a console.