So remember one of the big news items last year with gaming hardware company Razer buying out OUYA and the latter now to concentrate on software publishing and development? Well, we now have one of the first marketable results of that buyout, with OUYA now publishing a new 4-way fighting game called Gurgamoth specifically for Android TV platforms.


Gurgamoth will place players in the role of a “cultist,” an acolyte of evil trying to bash the heck out of the others on the screen. This will be easy to pick up for people who have seen multiplayer fighting games before, like BombSquad or Smash Bros, but they will see that Gurgamoth is much, much simpler than those. Players only have three basic moves – attack, dash, and dodge. You have to knock out your opponents by attacking them or dashing into them so that they slam into the edge of the screen, get impaled on spikes, or get taken out by buzz saws (we know, pretty morbid). The last acolyte standing three battles in a row will now be able to summon “Gurgamoth.”

This is a very quick game – most battles will last only seconds up to a minute – so it is ideal for big groups. You don’t need to rely on quick button mashing but more on positioning and timing your moves. The game really shines as a multiplayer game, although there are single player modes you can explore on your own.


As mentioned, this game will only work with Android TV-powered devices, so the Nexus Player and the NVIDIA SHIELD console are shoo-ins for this. By that argument, other devices which have Android TV should be able to run this game, but you need the requisite amount of controllers paired with your device to be able to play. The game is a steal at USD$4.99, so you better get this for the holidays.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store