It had to happen at some point in time, and to be honest, we were already expecting it in one way or another. OUYA bit the bullet early this year, but was partially saved from fading into oblivion when it was bought by gaming outfit Razer. In their statements, Razer made clear that they were not going to market OUYA’s hardware – instead, they will be retaining the software and game collection. Well, OUYA’s back, sort of.

OUYA’s game collection is now part of the Razer Forge TV Android TV console. The game collection is part of a new “store” that they named Razer Cortex. This is not to be confused with the Razer Cortex that is available for PC gamers as well – that one is separate and functions differently. Put simply, Razer Cortex for Android TV gives you a new store that features OUYA’s game collection.


If you were wondering, the answer is no, Razer Cortex and the Google Play Store are not connected. Hence, games you purchased in Cortex will not show up on your Google Play account. But these stores both exist on the Razer Forge Android TV console. See the new Razer TV spot below and look at the Cortex system in action.

There’s no news yet if Razer is going to release Cortex to other Android TV consoles such as the Nexus Player and the NVIDIA SHIELD, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did. After all, gaining better exposure should help them market OUYA’s games.

VIA: SlashGear