Earlier in the week we learned the OUYA game console was going to be getting a bigger retail push in the US market. At the time there was mention of how the system would be heading to all 1,800 retail locations. And as part of that push, the packaging was going to be reworked to highlight and promote games and other content. Well, it looks like the outer package is not going to be the only thing changing with OUYA.

Coming by way of Polygon, OUYA founder Julie Uhrman recently spoke about some updated game controllers. There was mention about how the OUYA team wants to “build a great controller” and about how the “feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June.” To that point, Uhrman also mentioned how they are “constantly going to work and iterate on the controller.”

Taking that a step further, and it appears the system will soon see another iteration on the controller. The catch with this, you will not know which controller you have until you open the box. This isn’t a case where there is a particular issue with the current controller, so the existing models are going to continue being sold. In fact, in speaking about the new controllers, Uhrman herself even mentioned that “you wouldn’t know until you bought it.”

Otherwise, while the controller is being iterated with the OUYA, there has been some issues in the past. There seems to have been some issues with the thumbsticks and action buttons and for that, OUYA will replace the controller should you have issues. Hardware aside, the other issue was the latency and connection. That also is being worked on with software updates and should also have been improved over time.

Bottom line here, in addition to maybe seeing some new packaging that brings more focus to games and other content, you may be lucky enough to open the box up and have a slightly newer controller.