The OUYA game console launched in the US market back in June. Since then the console has been available with a few retailers including GameStop, Target and Best Buy. The key with the retail availability though, none of those retailers had the console available in every location. Flash forward till the present day and it looks like Target is getting ready to make that move.

According to Polygon, Target will soon be offering the OUYA in all 1800 retail locations. That sounds like good news for those who happen to have a Target close and were looking to see the OUYA system in person before making a purchase. But that is apparently only one side to this national launch.

Julie Uhrman recently spoke about how this means they can now “do national campaigns and have a national footprint.” Basically, this means OUYA can begin pushing the console a bit more. And on the flip side, this potentially means more customers making a purchase and could mean additional developer support.

Beginning in November, Target will be promoting the console in retail stores with a $10 game card being offered to those who make a purchase. Target is also expected to begin placing customized OUYA shelf displays and advertising in its weekly circular beginning in December. Uhrman also mentioned how they plan to redesign the box art so it will “highlight and promote more games and new content.”

Aside from the US push, there was also further mention of the European expansion. This is a topic we have heard discussed recently and according to Uhrman, OUYA will be heading to Western Europe, to include France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Middle East at the end of the month.