As had been expected, the OUYA game console has arrived with retail stores. Simply put, the console has shifted into general availability and those who are interested but have yet to make a purchase now have a handful of retail outlets to pick from. The pricing is the same as we had seen during the pre-order period, however there is some news about a few games that have recently arrived.

First and foremost, the OUYA game console can be found with retailers to include Best Buy, Game Stop, Target and Amazon. The price of the console is $99. That price does include one controller, however those looking to do a bit of side-by-side gaming with a friend will have to shell out an additional $49 for the second controller. Basically, is you are looking for a system with two controllers you will need to be prepared with $150 (plus tax) to complete the purchase.

The first of the game related news is actually a two-game pack. This title comes by way of Swedish developers Redgrim, Grapefrukt and Snorkel. The game is called Mrs. Dad vs. Korv and this is said to bring a local multiplayer arcade style game that is “easy to learn, hard to master, all fun.” This is also an OUYA exclusive. The trailer for this game can be seen below.

Up next is a game called Tower Fall. This title arrives by way of Matt Makes Games and is also an OUYA exclusive. This game is described as being “both simple and robust” with mention about how it is a “breeze to pick up, and a bear to master.” Tower Fall has you playing as one of four characters that each have special treats. The Tower Fall trailer can be seen below.

Otherwise, while we have seen the OUYA console listed with a handful of retailers at this time, that list is expected to grow. For now all (with the exception of Amazon) appear to have the console in-stock and available for online orders. With that in mind, those venturing out to the real world may want to give a call to double check the inventory levels that your closest retail outlet happens to have.



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