Mad Catz and OUYA have announced a new content agreement this morning. Said agreement involves the recently announced OUYA Everywhere, and means the MOJO console will be first in line to offer this setup. Mad Catz and OUYA have said Everywhere will debut on the MOJO “later this spring.”

Essentially, this means the MOJO system will be able to play any and all OUYA games. There hasn’t been much said in terms of how updates will work just yet, however it was made clear the Everywhere setup means users will be able to play “all existing and upcoming OUYA content available on the Mad Catz Micro-Console.”

At present OUYA is touted as having more than 680 games, and users are allowed to try them all for free. Along with news of OUYA Everywhere coming to the MOJO console, Mad Catz also announced a price drop. The system will be selling for $199.99, which is down from $249.99. For reference, the OUYA hardware is currently selling for $99.99.

Similar to the talk we have been hearing from OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman over the previous week, this means the OUYA experience is no longer locked in a box. But again, OUYA has also made it clear they are not going to stop making the hardware — just in case you were still interested. Seems to be if you were interested in the MOJO and OUYA, you now have your answer as to which you should buy.

SOURCE: Business Wire