It would appear as if the OUYA is going to be expanding beyond the current console. Julie Uhrman, OUYA CEO, has recently begun teasing something called the Everywhere initiative. But while the name was revealed, Uhrman hasn’t yet offered a full set of details in terms of what can be expected.

Details here come by way of a recent interview with Slashdot in which Uhrman mentioned how OUYA “really is a software company.” Further comments from Uhrman touched on how this “started with a hardware product” and about how they have “always wanted to be an open platform.” There was also mention about how they believe the OUYA ecosystem “can live on other devices.”

It certainly sounds like the OUYA team is looking to make some deals, and have the current setup available and playable using hardware that isn’t an OUYA console. Possibly, seeing a television with an integrated OUYA setup. While this appears to be the next move for OUYA — they aren’t getting out of the hardware side. For one, even with an integrated setup in other hardware, the controller would still be necessary.

More to that point though, Uhrman also addressed the topic of the next-generation OUYA console. She noted how the next model would have a higher performing chipset, and also said there is still more work to be done on the controller. Seems like a path with both hardware, and embed software could make sense — especially for a company that seems to like to refresh on a regular basis.