OUYA is more than just a game console. It’s also a project to bring Android gaming into living rooms. To that end, its makers have been working to entice game studios to develop for the device. And it seems that Telltale Games, makers of the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead game, has just been enticed.

After a few bumps along the road, the successful Kickstarter project released the OUYA game console for public purchase, but even then it experienced a rather rough ride. The best we could describe the OUYA is that it has potential. Unfortunately, in execution, it felt more like a beta product, but with a glimmer of hope of improved experience over time. You can read our review here to see how the palm-sized console performed in our hands.

Needless to say, a gaming device is only as strong as its games collection and the game developers willing to make games on the platform. Many popular game developers have already signed up to support the console, and one of the most recent is Telltale Games. The Walking Dead has been awarded 2012’s Game of the Year and has been much praised for its deep and emotional storyline. OUYA owners will get to enjoy the game this winter, when the studio releases not only all five episodes of the game’s first season but also the the 400 Days DLC. OUYA has released a video promoting the game, which you can watch below.

No exact date or pricing details have been released yet but the first episode will be available for free. Telltale Games is said to be working on a second season, but there is no word yet if it will also come to OUYA.

VIA: Engadget