Just as we reported earlier this morning, the OUYA game console powered by Android went up for sale today from multiple retailers and online shops. As of writing, it appears to have already completely sold out on Amazon, and we’re hearing scattered reports of Gamestop being sold out too. Sales look strong for the $99 game-console, but below we’ll remind you where you can get your own.

After becoming a massive hit on Kickstarter and raising tons of money, the project has seen an array of launch delays as they’ve prepared for the final push. After multiple delays, today they’ve finally released the $99 quad-core Android-powered game console to multiple outlets, and here’s what we know.

So far Amazon is the only one that appears to be sold out, but Gamestop still has stock online, and you’ll need to call your nearly stores for additional details. OUYA is also being sold at Best Buy and Target for $99. As a reminder, that comes with a single controller, and an additional controller for dual-play will be $49. Amazon does have those in stock, though, so get em while they last as it shows as 20 left.

It certainly isn’t an Xbox One (or 180) and it isn’t a PlayStation 4, but for $99 the OUYA has a lot of promise. Not to mention it runs on our favorite mobile OS – Android. With more than 170 games at launch, two more announced today in the post above, and more coming soon we’ll be sure and update as things progress. We’re not sure how much stock all these online retailers have so if you’re interested, you’d better hurry.



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