A few weeks ago, when Inbox by Gmail was opened to everyone, not just by invite, we told you about a certain new feature that will benefit those who travel a lot, either for business or for pleasure. The Trip Bundles in the app organizes all your travel info, including flights, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, and other tour arrangements, all of which are in your email already. Now Google offers us a closer look at how this feature works and how it will benefit travelers.

Aside from the previous bundles in your Inbox, which includes Purchases, Finance, Social. Updates, Forums, and Promos, now you have another one called Trip Bundles. This is a very important one, particularly if you travel a lot, whether domestically or internationally. All your emails about specific trips are bundled together so it would be easier to retrieve them and look at the details. The most important information, which is most likely your flight details, will be at the top so you can see it easily. Then you’ll see car rentals, hotel details, restaurant reservations, etc. As long as all those info is in your email, it will be there.


Inbox will even send you updates about your flight status, like if it’s been delayed, rerouted, or if anything has changed. If you want to remember what happened in previous trips, you can also check it out in the Trips section in the app menu, and if you had any photos from that trip in your email, it might even include them too.


The update has probably reached your Inbox app by now. You’ll find the Trip Bundle (if you’ll have upcoming trips) in the app menu, under the Trips section, which is located in between the Spam button and the other Bundles buttons of your email app.