If you’re one of those who were longing to get an Inbox invite so you could use the other Gmail app that people have been talking about, you don’t need to wait anymore. Google has opened up the mobile email app to the public, and has even added the most requested features from those who were lucky enough to get the invite and have been using it since October. So now, you can use Inbox to make it easier to sort through and group together your Gmail, whether on mobile or on desktop.

One of the best things about Inbox by Gmail is how easy it is to delete, archive, snooze, etc, basically swiping your way through organizing your inbox (although Mailbox was the first to do this). Now you get even more control options to give you a more productive use of your time. If you suddenly remembered that you made a mistake in the email you just sent, you can now choose to Undo Send. You can also now just delete messages that clog up your gmail, instead of just archiving them. You can also now use a signature to make your messages more personal and at times, more professional.

If you travel often, you’d like to have all your travel details at a glance. So that’s what Inbox is giving you, with Trip Bundles. All of your flight details, hotel reservations, tour details, can now be seen at a glance (only, if they’re in your email of course). Other time-saving new features on the app that are incorporated in the Google eco-system include automatic appearance of Reminders in Google Keep, suggesting to add a Reminder when someone emails you a to-do item, and opening reservations and food orders within the app itself if you get an email confirmation from HotelTonight or Eat 24.

So now that Inbox is open to everyone, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or access it from your desktop. Inbox for work is still in the early stages, but you can already sign up for the Inbox early adopter program if you’re using Google Apps for Work.