Did you know there are proxy apps for mobile? Yup, even mobile Internet needs to have proxy to ensure that your connection is always safe and secure. Not many people think about their mobile access but it’s about time you encrypt your data because you’ll never know what evil lurks out there. A new tool called ‘Orbot: Proxy with Tor’ can be pretty useful as it tells apps to connect to the Internet securely as possible.

Nope, the Orbot isn’t a new game where a robot struggles to protect you from the alien, genius hackers. This proxy app simply encrypts Internet using Tor. The latter is one tool that defends anyone against any threats on personal privacy, state security, confidential business, and freedom as described. Just last week, we featured the Facebook over Tor on Android that allows a more private experience.

Orbot aims to deliver private internet connection. And true enough, with the integration of Tor, any transaction made over the Internet are guaranteed safe. The idea is that data will pass through Tor first. Once approved by Tor, you’re sure that it’s safe.

What Orbot does exactly: it bounces encrypted traffic many times through different computers around the world–making it more robust, having the strongest privacy and identity protection possible. Simply put, Orbot brings a mobile user private internet connection in this time and age where anyone can hack anybody.

Download Orbot from the Google Play Store